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Aino screen behaviour while charging

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Posted by mode
Hi all,
Recently bought my wife an Aino for her birthday as she felt she couldn't get along with today's full touch smartphones. It has been an.excellent little device, it's like a device that I should've owned. Everything seems to work well except for 1 niggle. The touchscreen doesn't respond while charging. What I'm wondering is, is this actually a feature or a bug?

Posted by lazeeboy
Out of curiosity, I tried it on my Aino just now. Touchscreen worked while charging.

This may sound lame but... have you tried restarting the phone? Those minor glitches usually go away after that.

Posted by mode
Will give it a shot, thanks!

Posted by chunkybeats
If you're having problems check to see if it needs an update, could be a little issue that was fixed with an earlier software update?

heres a link:-


I don't have a Aino but since its SE and their native OS they will have updates for it. Hope this helps some way.

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