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Posted by Sassho
How it all began.......

In the beginning was Sony Ericsson T68 with "incredible" external 0.1mp camera

after then Nokia launch 7650 - first cameraphone with internal VGA camera

Sony Ericsson strike back with а SE Т610 with internal 0.1mp camera

Samsung enters the game with а SGH V200 - with rotate 0.1mp camera

Sony Ericsson launch K700 - VGA camera and Video record

and first real cameraphone - Sony Ericsson S700 with 1.3mp CCD camera

NOKIA strike back with a 7610 also with 1.3mp камера

Samsung launch most smallest 1.3mp cameraphone - D500

There comes a time 2mp cameraphones

Sоny Ericsson launch legendary К750 - 2mp camera, Led flash and for the first time - AUTO-FOCUS

NOKIA strike back with a monster phone - N90 - 2mp , Carl Zeiss optics , Auto-focus

Samsung remained in the game with a D600

comes time to 3mp cameraphones.......

Sony Ericsson start first with a wonderful К800 and first time with a Xenon flash in phone

NOKIA strike back with smartphone N73 - one is the Best 3.2mp cameraphones

and launch N93 - the first cameraphone with Optical Zoom

SAMSUNG launch the slim cameraphone - D900

There comes a time in 5mp cameraphones

Now NOKIA is first - launch great N95 with incredible functionality

Sony Ericsson makes it's first mistake - К850 , cameraphone with poor quality 5mp camera.

Samsung launch slim G600

NOKIA continue with excellent N82 - 5mp, Carl Zeiss , Xenon flash

5 megapixel era appears to be very rich - phones are trying to make cameras

Motorola ZN5 - 5mp camera cooperate with a Kodak . Great quality

LG launch excellent КG 920 with 5mp CCD camera

Samsung strike back with a G800 / G810 5mp , 3х opt.zoom

The market appears so far unknown I-mobile 902 - one is the Best 5mp cameraphone with a SONY CCD camera

entering a 8mp era

Samsung start with excellent i8510 Innov8 - the Best 8mp camera in those days

and launch M8800 Pixon

Sony Ericsson launch C905

NОКIA launch N86 - the first cameraphone with two diaphragm

LG launch KC910 Renoir - 8mp , Xenon flash

Samsung launch Omnia HD i8910

12mp era came

Samsung first started with a M8910 Pixon12 - two diaphragms , 12mp , Xenon , Led

Sony Ericsson lauch SATIO - 12mp Symbian smartphone

...but Samsung is ready with a W880 - for the first time with Optical Image Stabilisation

With the long delay Nokia released greatest N8 - the Best cameraphone with a new Symbian S^3 , very large 1/1.83" sensor and poor plastic Carl Zeiss optics


Very old 10mp Anycall (Samsung) B600 - only for Korean market

K-Touch C700 / C800 - 8mp CCD , 3x opt.zoom

Emgeton Flexaret Mini - 12mp Panasonic sensor , 3x opt.zoom

Panasonic Lumix Phone - 13mp CCD , 3x opt.zoom

Docomo L-03C by LG. Phone has optics by Pentax, 3x opt.zoom , 12mp CCD sensor

ALTEK LEO - Android , 14mp camera , 3х opt.zoom - not released

....and same optics mounted on 16 MP Kodak Polaroid Android HD smartphone

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Posted by adsada
Interesting reading up about the history, nice thread. A few suggestions though, adding dates to each event would give it more detail and would make it more like a timeline. Also I disagree with the comments on the K850i, I think it actually had a pretty darn good camera! That's your view, but it would read better if the comments were more objective, just an idea.

Posted by ardian
yeah the k850 lost just for 1 point in GSMArena camera test with nokia n95...

Posted by Sassho
New players

Iphone 4S - the Best 8mp camera with Exmor R BSI sensor by SONY

Samsung Galaxy S2 - 8mp camera , maybe the Best Android cameraphone

Motorola release three new models with 13mp camera - MT917 , Razr XT928 , DROID RAZR

Motorola Razr XT928 for GSM networks and world market

SONY release Xperia S with 12mp camera BSI Exmor R sensor

HTC announces Titan II at CES 2012 - the first 16mp phone with 1/2.8" sensor by SONY , WM7.5 OS

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Posted by io_bg
Nice tread!
On a side note, is it just me who wants a 3, 4 or 5 megapixel cameraphone with a large sensor, perfect image quality at base ISO and better high ISO capabilities (for example - useable ISO 500) and, say 2 fps burst shooting mode. That would be awesome - I don't think there's a need for so many megapixels because the more you have of them, the worse the picture quality and higher ISO is.

Posted by rikken
The average consumer seems to believe that high number of mpix = better picture quality I would love a larger sensor too

Posted by Bonovox
More MP does not mean better images no. And as for getting a good photo you can get a decent shot from an average camera it all depends who is behind the lens

Posted by Sassho
Iphone 4 / 4S like DSLR camera - interesting gadget

all about cameraphones
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Posted by Bonovox
Why?? It completely loses all the point of something portable

Posted by Sassho
^This gadget looks very interesting for experiments , why not
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Posted by Bonovox
If that's your thing yes. I would not wanna carry that around with me

Posted by adsada
Just putting this out there but the Xperia arc did win the award for best photos in Europe, and although the iPhone takes pretty good shots it uses the same sensor as the arc, and came out almost a year after it, so the arc was the first phone with a Exmor r sensor and actually the low light capabilities on the iPhone is advertised as else all together. Yes I know the arc compresses photos to shit, but the shots still come out amazing and I don't notice them on my 42" tv...

Posted by Bonovox
Arc was better than the Arc S for some reason. Why do do that??

Posted by adsada
tbh if true, I doubt it was done intentionally. Could have something to do with the rumour of supply shortages for the 8MP sensor component, In that they had to use a lower quality part to compensate? But your average Joe wont even pick up on the difference between the two, they're both marketed as the same camera and both take great shots its only if you go to the effort to compare the two together, which I'm guessing most people wouldn't..

Posted by Sassho

On 2012-01-16 21:11:39, adsada wrote:
and although the iPhone takes pretty good shots it uses the same sensor as the arc...

Android not good yet for quality images. Iphone 4S use beter camera software and optics than ARC

Posted by adsada
My point is, that if this thread is to list the landmarks in the photo capability of mobiles, then it would make sense to put the arc instead as this came first and was first use to the Sony sensor with low light capabilities branded 'Exmor-r'. Although now other phones are using this sensor they aren't labelling it as that sony trademarked name, iPhone call it 'backside illumination sensor' and HTC will no doubt come up for it for their titan 2...

Posted by Sassho
I'm sure that the Titan II will be not high-quality image - sensor is very small 1/2.8" for 16mp. Also 16mp require high-quality optics and good software post-processing. WM is very young for that
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Posted by cu015170

On 2012-01-16 21:49:54, Sassho wrote:
I'm sure that the Titan II will be not high-quality image - sensor is very small 1/2.8" for 16mp. Also 16mp require high-quality optics and good software post-processing. WM is very young for that
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Good point.

Posted by Miss UK

On 2012-01-16 20:46:02, Bonovox wrote:
Why?? It completely loses all the point of something portable

im sure i saw this on The Gadget Show a while back can't meam what it got
for marks but im sure they were happy with the performance

I need to start using my Camera on my iPhone
I really don't use it cos it does to much I play with already

Camera is good fun though on it theres various apps for editing which are good like Snapseed

Posted by chunkybeats
I really do think that silly accessory for the iphone is a gimmick. Personally if you want a great camera to take awesome photos then get a DSLR and dont rely on a phone to produce outstanding images.

Again the N8 is the closet to a digital camera, iphone 4s is good but again the N8 trumps it in every way in terms of night shots and quality. Also the SE Arc beats the 4s in some cases so really the 4s isnt that much of a fantastic camera phone Apple claim it to be.

I agree with Asada, Sony did bring the exmor out and what im happy about is that they are creaming the money from Apple, HTC etc for lenses so really just watch this space as they are cleverly doing this to bring their brand back up to where it belongs at the top!

Happy 2012 Sony, do us proud and bring out them awesome camera phones you used to make!

Posted by Sassho
N8 is the Best cameraphone if your lucky with optics and understand of the camera settings. Iphone 4S dоes't need from this. All SE / Sony phones have a strong noise reduction and blurry detail - with same Exmor R sensor Iphone 4 / 4S has most better detail and quality. Look samples here

Posted by chunkybeats

I disagree with your iphone 4s point, the arc still provides excellent night photos and detail and throws in awesome panoramic which the iphone will never have until the 5 if they do something with that! I think its down to the settings you adjust to but when you get the settings right they are identical.

heres a selection to prove my point.



and some better samples with the arc s.......


If you have also noticed a lot of SE's are top rated photos so please tell me why iphone isnt up there as top rated??? i rest my case.

Posted by Sassho
Look is the Best sample by SE Arc S

....and the Best sample by Iphone 4S

Differences are evident - ArcS - good colors, strong noise reduction , poor detail , little 1.6mb file size
4S image quality is crisper and more detailed ,better color reproduction, 3.5mb file size .
Iphone 4S is the only real alternative to the Nokia N8 as photo-design phone. Maybe the new Xperia S will shot better - we will see
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Posted by chunkybeats

I think this is the best comparison to be honest... .that russian website says nothing about what brand it is.

of course some photos are better on the 4s than the arc but this shows it better than what you previously shown me.

arc just edges it a little i think but yeah bring on the new Sony's this year!

Posted by io_bg
It's true the iPhone 4S delivers a slightly better picture quality but it's nothing to worry about. Also having in mind that the 4S doesn't have a shutter button and has only a few options, the Arc is better IMO.

Posted by razec
There were so many inconsistencies with the list that I would like to correct

first 4S is not the best 8mp with regards to image quality, it's the Samsung Innov8 (higher depth of field, sharper macros) and alot of people had forgotten Pixon12 and Satio which produces way better detail in general than any of the 8mp camera phones available today

also N93 was not the first optical zoom camera, it's Sharp 902SH this phone beats K750 hands down in image quality

T610 was not SE's answer to 7650, It's the P800 (VGA) which came earlier than the the CIF phone

K700 was one of the first models to feature an LED flash, Nokia answered them a year later with 6680, but Samsung beat them with X600 which came approximately year earlier

7610 has 1MP camera, and it's the worst 1MP cameraphone in image quality (Believe it or not K700 trashes this cameraphone even if it's just VGA)

Samsung D600 was not the flagship camera phone to compete with K750/N90 - also Samsung already had a 3mp P850 cameraphone during that year

Why was Samsung so underrated in that list when they almost obliterated the cameraphone competition by coming up with tech features that were not yet seen with Nokia/SE during those times?

what do you mean by diaphragm? or do you mean aperture? because N86-8MP has variable aperture, also you forget that it was launch a year after the C905/Innov8/Renoir and was launched alongside the superior cameraphones Satio/Pixon12 (which also features variable aperture)

OmniaHD was the first mass market cameraphone with 720p HD video recording

Satio had all the features you listed on Pixon12 except the variable aperture, and produces superior video quality

the first 16MP cameraphone were S006 and S007 by Sony Ericsson. I included this since you mentioned the exotic korean-exclusive phones from Samsung
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Posted by Bonovox
I don't think the 4S is any much better than anything else really. Not saying that cos it's Apple I have seen many phones with cameras with similar quality as the 4S if not better. My point is that sometimes it's who is taking the photos too. For example many people said the Nokia Lumia(not being biased cos I have one) has a poor camera. It does not. I have taken so far many crisp sharp shots with decent detail like the anything else. You can make good photos out of a relatively average camera you just gotta know how to make the best of it. Even on a dull day the Lumia is decent



Even the indoor shot I did here came out sharp it only falls down on night shots a little. I have owned many camera phones & seen people take dreadful photos with what I seen as an excellent camera. It is alot of the time who is behind that lens Disagree with me if you want but many people will agree. Oh & that 4S shot has left hand lens blurring
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Posted by Sassho
@razek - I made a summary list of the most popular phones in the world. Exotic korean and japanese phones do not interest us. Innov8 is very old phone with a not good optics ,sensor and color reproduction. Omnia HD is better, Iphone 4S with good optics, BSI sensor and natural color reprodustion is even better

Posted by Sassho
More info and specs about Polaroid SC1630 ( Kodak Android HD)

16 megapixel camera
3x optical zoom. 36 mm - 108mm
3.2 inch touchscreen display
Face and smile detection
Red-eye removal
Colour correction
microSD card slot. Up to 32 GB
HD Video capture
Focal length: 3.1 - 5.6

Posted by razec

On 2012-01-21 08:06:22, Sassho wrote:
Exotic korean and japanese phones do not interest us.

You were the ones who brought the korean exotics on your post mate, that's why i decided to include S6607/S007

Innov8 is very old phone with a not good optics ,sensor and color reproduction. Omnia HD is better, Iphone 4S with good optics, BSI sensor and natural color reprodustion is even better

I beg to disagree, Innov8 had NO lens abberations at all, same goes for noise and colour reproduction. and has high depth of field due to it's 35mm angle and F2.6 aperture. plus its sensor is still larger than Iphone 4S, giving it more dynamic range and sensitivity. The Back illumination sensor design for phones are nothing but gimmick to be very honest. ever wondered why even the best Sony compact digicam could never beat a cheap and basic Canon digicam with CCD in per pixel image quality?

Also OmniaHD is just as good if not worse than Innov8, Just because it's got 720p (which is basically a gimmick at that time) on its feature list doesn't make it a better camera phone. read this
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Posted by Sassho
Emgeton Flexaret Mini photo samples. Comments please

Posted by io_bg
Lots of chromatic aberrations and lens blurring at the corners of the photos. The quality in the centre of the pictures is quite good though.

Posted by Sassho
^Agree - good sensor, but poor optic quality.
Docomo L-03C by LG is real camera+phone - 12mp CCD, 3x opt.zoom , very quality optic by Pentax
here more images and photo samples

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