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Orange UK the 7th worst for customer service,says poll

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Posted by Bonovox
The operator received 6% of the public vote on the worst offender from a shortlist of companies with a poor service record,but TalkTalk voted worst for 2nd year running. See link above for more details. It seems since Tom Alexander took over nothing has changed which is what he promised. I used to love the days when Orange were the best for service then they lost it under France Telecom & Hans Snook leaving. Shame as they were an innovative company but the crown for the best has been taken by O2 alot lately with their UK based team.
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Posted by hihihans
7 that's not bad

Posted by Bonovox
7th worst well its not first at least. But out of thousands of UK companies that is quite bad

Posted by Miss UK
Customer Service isn't bad on Orange
Even though there foreign I can understand
Them more then Vodafones Customer Care 191

Posted by fluke9
Had a CS rep at 3 the other day telling me his name was Henry

Posted by Bonovox
Well,I once called Orange(well,many times) & an Indian guy answered in a really funny squeaky voice!! He spoke for ages before I could speak i thought he would never shut up. He was like a robot & he said HELLO,WELCOME TO ORANGE MY NAME IS VICKRAM i WILL BE YOUR ORANGE FRIEND FOR TODAY,HOW CAN I HELP YOU!! At that point I had already lost the will to live after 15 minutes of crap pop music on hold of S Club 7 Oh joy. My experience with Orange was excellent in the early years but the later years have left much to be desired. More often than not they would either not understand you,would be very slow or they would cut you off randomly cos they could not deal with what you were asking. Either that or they were not trained properly & panicked. I would often hear them typing for a minute then they would hang up So Orange customer services=shite
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Posted by fbloise
lool at the orange agent!

at least he told you his real name.. one told me his name was Benjamin, but can barely pronounce "his" name.

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