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FS: 7" Truck/Car Satnav 4Gb card FM Bluetooth - sold again

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Posted by dougproctor
Relisted on Ebay:

This unit is back up for sale. I did sell it on Ebay within about 20 minutes as it was on for 50 which included 7 of RMSD postage. Take off my Ebay/Paypal fees and I did not make a lot -I have lost!!
The buyer noticed, something I did not, that if you press with the stylus on the screen, a small circle of discolouration appears in the bottom right hand corner that then disappears when the stylus is lifted off. It is a really minor problem. It is probably something to do with the screen that is not glass but very hard plastic - can't remember what this is called.
Anyway, I have it back, I have issued a full refund plus postage and have it sitting here doing nothing. If you want pictures, look at the Ebay listing from the link above.
Would someone like to make me an offer for this unit - 7" Satnav - has Igo Primo on it that works a treat with the built in GPS - Bluetooth that works - Win CE 6 - plus all the leads, two pronged power lead although it charges through a USB lead in a plug - styluses etc - windscreen mount? It even has a soft case!!
The only thing I will say is that the battery does not last long - in the car it needs the supplied car charger and in the house, I would recommend the supplied power lead. This is me being totally honest as others who have bought from me will hopefully testify and my 418 100% Ebay feedback will show.

Offers then but remember that postage will cost at least 5 or 7 RMSD so be realistic!! I have emailed my seller about a return but not holding my breath!
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