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The cat ate through my headphones.

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Posted by JD UK
I am in need of new in-ear headphones since the cat ate through my last ones. Requirements are amazing sound quality with good bass and treble, and an in-line volume control. My budget is 20 - this is because I was quite happy with the previous headphones and they cost 15, so I will just get another pair if I can't find anything better.

I previously had these http://www.amazon.co.uk/Exspect-EX891-Earphones-Interchangeable-Caps/dp/B001EWW5OM/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1324494444&sr=8-14

Thanks for all suggestions.

Posted by chunkybeats
Hey if your looking awesome earphones and liked the old SE ones, I highly recommend these. Now they dont have in line volume but they are truly the best set i have had and they are next to nothing on price. Sony produce some very high quality headphones and I rate them over anyone else and for what you get is outstanding!


If your in doubt just check reviews of some the top 3 you like and then you can do a comparison.
I hope this helps in some way, and yes sounds like you have a naughty cat, mine is an indoor cat but she is well behaved but then its early days! Maybe the next set you dont leave out?? haha. Oh just one more thing the headphones I have come in a little fabric pouch so you dont have to worry about your chewy cat lol!

Good luck!
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Posted by djin
i hate it when that happens, my cat recently ***** my 400$ headphones.. n its like you cant do anything about it.. I never keep my headphones out anymore when i am not using. Are you looking for in ear headphones?

Posted by podipoda
You can purchase a new head phone from Ebay....

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