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Go for the Liveview?

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Posted by adsada
I've always been interested in the Liveview since it came out last year, now its relativity cheap I'm wondering whether I should go for it, or wait for Liveview 2?

Can anyone who has one tell me if they're worth getting, I'm trying to think what I'd use it for most, probably as a watch and also to play/skip music while on the go. I hear a lot of complaints about its connectivity but is this better after it was updated, and does anyone have experience hooking it with the Xperia arc? Do they sync well or loose connection? How likely is a Liveview 2 especially now they've gone in partnership with the LCF?

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Posted by goldenface
I still use mine every day in work (no mobiles allowed) and as far as the connectivity goes it seems to disconnect but one press of the button and it reconnects - although I'm not sure that is the way it is supposed to be.

I'll try and update it tonight to see if this changes.

When I checked recently there were loads of new apps such as Sporty Pal and others, even one that changes it into a rear bicycle light!

I'd say that if you can get one for a good price then they're worth it.

Posted by adsada
How long does the battery last is it pretty decent, and I read reviews on the strap that it can easily pop out is this a problem?

thanks for your help

Posted by goldenface
I hate the quality of the plastic used in the strap and yes, it does pop out a lot which isn't good at all. Hopefully it will get fixed in the next version.

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