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I am looking for free DVD ripping & conversion software

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Posted by etaab
Alright who can suggest from free dvd software so i can rip my dvd collection and get it working on my phone?

Theres loads on Google, but which is actually any good for use on Windows 7 ?
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Posted by MFire
DVD Flick is by far the best I've used. I actually can't believe such good software can be free. You can get it here DVD Flick

Another great free software is SUPER Video Converter , you can get that here SUPER

Edit : Actually DVD Flick is more for Authoring so I recommend you go with SUPER, It's a great piece of software.
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Posted by etaab
Cheers, ill check them out, any others ?

Posted by ceaser2008
I am using Format Factory for converting videos for my mobile. It does the job very good. Plus it has listed the mobile brands and their recommanded settings so you dont need to bother about settings. Just pick your phone brand and model, convert.

Posted by etaab
Thanks ill check them out.

EDIT: do any of these let me actually rip the dvd to my pc hard drive ? i havent ripped a dvd in a long time and not sure what windows 7 software is available..
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Posted by ceaser2008
If you want to rip dvd without taking trouble of coping video file from dvd to hard drive then do ripping, go for Any DVD converter. Sadly its not free unless you know how to get it free. Its good software to rip dvd directly.

BTW both Format Factory and Any Dvd converter works well on windows 7.

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