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Bluetooth file transfers ends up as a message, and hidden...

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Posted by bl-gr-n
Hi Having problem with my new (but second hand) SE G900 and Symbian

Have just transfered two mp3 songs from the HTC Desire HD, I would like to have the both files in the G900 ring signal folder (a SE default folder for ring signals) and my MUSIC folder on the M2 card.

Problem is that the files is hidden in in the message in-basket. I can copy/move the files within the message app and even play them.

There seems to be no way to make the message folder visible in the File Manager

Had exactly the same problem with a SE Vivaz So it must be a Symbian bug (or feature )

Would like to be able to transfer files to and fro the G900 without needing a computer

Any tips?
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Posted by Marly
You didn't store the files, they're only in your inbox ?

When you click Options -> store, you can store them either on your phone or on the memory card and you'll be able to do with them, whatever you want.

That's from my experience with (Nokia) Symbian, but I've only transferred pictures and videos.
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Posted by bl-gr-n
Thanks Marly

Thats where I failed
Got a little confused there, after the bluetooth transfer:
1. I now I selected a save button, in the Message app.
2. then I moved the "files" from the inbox to a created folder I named "nya"

The real saving of music files was the SAVE button in the music player, which played the tunes from the message app.
I now got them in physical folders visible and accessible from the File manager.
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