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[Request-Ph] opmin 4.x signed handler

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Posted by Laicure

may nakuha ako jan..
pero security error..

May alam pa ba kayong iba?
ang weird kasi ng 7610 ko..
ayaw maconnect ng mga hindi sis.. Ang arte..

Ang lakas kasi sa ram ng op6indi..

Posted by Laicure
Yun lang! Ayaw gumana kahit sa ceproxy~!

Posted by goarthur77
working na ce proxy mo lai? Good for you. Just don't forget that ceproxy processes one command at a time. It can't multitask unless the other task is finished. I'm sure mapapagana mo yan. Goodluck!

Posted by exaflare23

Dipende sa trick na nilagay sa ceproxy..

Dati ang trick ko sa ceproxy ay using CGI proxy.. my youtube application works 100%

Ngayon na @trick na, ayaw na gumana.

Posted by Laicure

depende pa pala..

Posted by nikkinaru
alow po? anu po pwedeng OM para sa nokia2700c? globe? at papanu sya paganahin ng libre?

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