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Possible to add SMS conversation view to Asia-Pacific Hazel?

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Posted by zAlbee
I bought this phone online 10 months ago. It came with languages like English, Indonesian, Malaysian, etc. so I suspect it is Indonesia region. Anyway, I want the conversation view, and from what I read, lots of people with this region of phone do not have it either.

I installed Omnius and uploaded the customize_upgrade.xml which is supposed to add it, but it didn't work. Omnius said successful, but when I boot the phone, nothing changed. I tried two different XML files, this one and groovepeppy's.

What now? Should I install another firmware?

My phone info:
02:28:01 Connecting via SEMC USB Flash Device (USB2)...
02:28:01 Device driver version:
02:28:01 Entering baseband CPU service mode...
02:28:01 Detected chipset: DB3350 'F100
02:28:01 Boot mode: EROM
02:28:01 IMEI: ############
02:28:01 OTP CID: 81
02:28:01 OTP area status: Locked
02:28:01 Product type: Retail
02:28:01 Effective color: Red
02:28:01 Sending loader...
02:28:02 Sending loader...
02:28:03 NAND flash chip ID: 00EC-00AC
02:28:03 Phone type: J20i
02:28:03 MAPP CXC article: R7CA064 prg1231-9305_APAC_SY
02:28:03 MAPP CXC version: R7CA064
02:28:03 CDA article: 1234-5454
02:28:03 CDA version: R8A
02:28:03 Default article: 1231-9366
02:28:03 Default version: R7CA064
02:28:03 Language package: APAC-ANZ
02:28:03 The phone is not locked to a network.

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Posted by reeflotz
Hi, I bought my Hazel here in the Philippines and it had the conversation view by default

I did an identify using omnius and the only thing different between your phone and mine is:

CDA article: 1234-3147
CDA Version: R10A

and I'm also on firmware version R7CA065.

btw, the only flashing I did with my Hazel is uploading a modded camdrive and modded acoustics.

maybe it's in the cda? not really sure, I wish I could help but I also don't know how to enable it on those without conversation view.
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Posted by zAlbee
Hey reeflotz, thanks for the info. I may try using your CDA version and flash. One other thing Omnius can do is install a "default" customize_upgrade file. I wonder what that does and if it's safe?

Posted by zAlbee
Well, I tried changing the CDA as well as performing default customization in Omnius, and nothing changed (except the CDA which changed as expected).

So I reflashed my firmware (using PC Companion). Now my phone is updated to R7CA065 and I have conversations! I just forgot to backup my T-mobile internet settings so I'll have to figure that out again...

I noticed PC Companion still gave me the same bullshit message saying my phone had the latest software, so I had to click Repair to force the update. Not sure if the CDA change was needed or not, but I did. But anyway, it worked! Woot!

Edit: Well this is stupid. I just noticed that the backup PC Companion does doesn't include text messages. Bah. I have conversation mode but no conversations to look at.
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Posted by reeflotz
sorry to hear about your messages gone , but at least you have conversations now when you receive new messages
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