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UC Browser7.9ó Smooth ur browsing(Official)

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[center] Hello all the new ucweb 7.9 is released and this time its now with more features and more powerful...WITH ENHANCED FEATURES..feel the differance........
read more about it here and give your reviews...

UC Browser7.9óSmooth ur browsing

Download here: http//m.getjar.com/UC-Browser-English

Each releasing of UC Browser always earns a lot of amzing screams.Now the 7.9 for Java/symbian appeared in your eyes.UC is keeping concentrating itself to solve the main problems of users and improve user experience per time.I think thatís why Ucweb already has 200 million users around the world and keep attracting new users every day.Letís experience the new7.9 by ourselves.

1. Takeing care of your eyes- Auto Notification between night mode and day mode.
UC Browser is more than a browser, sometimes she exists as a babysitter. It notices u to swith ĎDay modeí andí Night modeí intelligently according to the time.Everything UC has done is for taking care of users.

2. Browsing whenever and wherever Ėmore powerful bookmark
Plenty of people are anxious about the missing of their bookmark theyíve collected for a long time.Now the bookmark backup remove ur worry.u can download it to the local place and never miss again.

Select-backup-export Choose what u wanna backup

Type in a name Choose a place to save
3. Filling the Laguage gap
Users of UC Browser are still increasing and covered 145 countries, 200 million. We try our best to take care each user with different language.
a. Language pack for Java, You can select language during installation.
b. More than English and Russian ,Arabic, farsi and Urdu are supported to apear.In the near future,there is increasing number of languages will be supported.

Besides,We do more in detail.Coz we know,Details lead to success.
ēSmooth ur browsing experience
a. Fixed access connection timeout error : Fixed timeout problem during webpage browsing.
b. Fixed image loading failure:Fixed timeout error in loading image.
c. Optimized Cache management:Cache will be adjusted automatically. You donít need to reset and clear Cache manually anymore.

ēMake ur eyes more colorful
More Pic formats are supported. The new WebP image is near 40% smaller than jpeg image of similar quality.

Thatís UC Browser 7.9 for Symbian /Java brings to u.What surprise Ucweb will bring to u,Letís look forward.

Get the latest Android Version: http://market.android.com/details?id=com.uc.browser.en&feature=search_result

Get the latest version on: http://wap.ucweb.com

official thread---http://forum.ucweb.com/viewthread.php?tid=14723&extra=page%3D1[/center]
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Posted by abhishekkjai
Awesome update bro.

Posted by Nimitmak
Thanks For The Share Dude...

Posted by laffen
Hi UC guys. No need to bump this thread anymore. You are all three working for UC Mobile right? Well, I have moved several of your older update threads to the bin. I'll let this one pass, but the next update thread will be removed. Please continue all your UC announcements here.


[UPDATE] UC Browser 7.9-Never worry about bookmarks missing again

UC Browser 7.9 has released for several days.How do u think about it? As a senior User, I would like to share some feelings about this version.In my opinion,this time,Ucweb concentrate on developing user experience in the details,Small and excellent.
(If u havenít experience it, Download and have a nice try)
Getjar (adapt to ur handset automatically):

Official website:http://wap.ucweb.com

1. It takes Thoughtful care of our eyes.
As a mobile user,I am always still staring at the handset screen,Itís harmful to our eyes.Thx to UC Browser,it invents different view mode(Day/Night mode) to protect our eyes ever and now it becomes more intelligent.It will notice u to switch to Day mode when u turn on Night mode in the daytime.For example,itís 9:00 AM,but u turn on the Night mode,It will notice u to turn to Day mode(Classic mode).
2. It backup whatís important to me
Once I met a crazy trouble.I buy a new phone,but I have a lot of bookmarks in UC Browser installed in my old one.So I have to use both of two phones.Now the problem solved,I backup all bookmarks and export into a small file, and then copy to my new phone, and import it.Itís so easy,I love Ucweb!

I think UCweb is indeed doing their best to give us the amazing experience.I just canít wait for the next version! Come on, Ucweb!

Cookies! Share an experience Video of UC browser 7.9

Get a close enconter with UCWEB
Get the latest version on: http://wap.ucweb.com

BBCode End -->
Get the latest Android Version:

Official Download links: http://wap.ucweb.com

Android market: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.UCMobile.intl
Getjar (adapt to ur handset automatically):

Today, UCWeb announced the new release U3 kernel-based UC Browser 8.0 for Android makes your Browsing much faster and better. UC8 brings you totally different experience.

Meanwhile, a lot of basic functions are also optimized, such as bookmark.

[Android version]
1. Click to zoom and the contents you want to see automatically fits your screen.
Itís so intelligent that other browser can only zoom and the pictures and texts are disappeared to anywhere else.

2. Itís so convenient to switch UA that make you browser www. Page by phone easily.

3. Traffic statistics.
Letís have a look at how much traffic and money UC has saved for you.Maybe you can buy a ring for your wife.

Basic Function Optimization
UC Browser 8 for Android optimized many base functions, such as:
1. Paging without network, you can turn back at last 20 pages you have visited.
2. Import/export Local bookmark, supporting installing apps to SD card.

[Symbian V3 / V5]

1. UC Browser 8 for Symbian supported new UI interface and splash screen.
2. More intimate guidance by adjusting the wizard contents for new users.
3. Moving Read Mode entrance to shortcut menu.

Every version upgrade of UC Browser is focus on how to improve users experience by speed and operation. Users can enjoy the high quality mobile life with UC Browser 8.0 with brand

new kernel built-in.

Meanwhile,to celebrate the India biggest festival Diwali,UC launched Diwali Edition for Java users.
Download and have a try of Diwali Edition for Java: http://www.ucweb.com/iid/share

If you want to know more about Ucweb.Please visit:
Official Website: http://www.ucweb.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ucmob
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/UCBrowser

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