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Regarding India's First Islamic Phone I-Tel i786

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Posted by shan.itel
I-Tel proud to launch India's first Islamic Mobile Phone.
We have started the customized Mobile Phones for Muslims having customized Muslim Calendar , 5 times prayer timing and Qibla directions and Muslim Wallpapers.

I-Tel taken permission from the biggest mosque and leading Islamic scholars to sell this customized Muslim Handsets to Muslims all over the world after intensive research. Also they will give 2.5% Zakat on every sale of the handset to needy and poor Muslim Children NGO for education purposes. They have also taken special permission to put the model i786 as this number is highly auspicious as it means "we start in the name of Allah"
The features are as follows:

Frequency:Quad Band
Two sim card Two standby
Integrated Mp3, Mp4 Player
Support T-Flash Card
2.2"TFT QICF 176*220
Support Bluetooth/FM/SMS/MMS
Camera:1.3MP English,Arabic,Hindi,Indonesian,Malay,Thai,Vietnamese,Urdu,Persian,Turkish,Burmese,Bengali
Hardware platform :Spreadtrum SC6600L
Special Three big speakers 25*15 20*30 music box (first time in Mobile Phones)
Support Nokia battery(6F) and charger

Electric Torch

One year Warranty with three months replacement
Islamic Software's preinstalled
Date Converter
Automatic date converter

Hijri and Gregorian calendar

Hijri Date on display
Qibla direction by 5 methods

Automatic with built in electronic device & special software to give automatic direction to Mecca

Zakat @2.5% on profits of Mobile Phones will be given to Muslim NGO's dealing in Education of Poor & Needy children via sponsorship Ringtones/Wallpapers
Full ringtones for Ramadan and Hajj prayers

Switch on Music as "Bismilallah" and switch off music "Shukranallah"

Posted by bart
wrong section, and very ridicules. A phone is a phone, religion has nothing to do with it.

Posted by masseur
if it has religious content then surely religion has something to do with it.

what you're saying is similar to saying that we shouldn't have phones with cameras, for example. i.e. a phone is a phone and taking pictures has nothing to do with it

there have been other such phones, for example this one

Posted by bart
IF you want you can put religion on any phone. Put the full version of the bible on the SE phone, and suddenly we have a christian phone. That sounds plain stupid.
Example, i just bought a phone which is made in China. Oh its a Chinees phone.

Putting extra technology on a phone is good. All the rest is software or OS.
Unless you guys make a pure islamic made OS which would be ridicules to people with common sense.

Posted by badassmam
I don't know how you define a religion phone but its a nice concept and since its not a smartphone, it should be very useful. My Android has one screen with my Islamic apps which I had to find from the market. Maybe its aimed at people who need these essentials without it being a smartphone i.e. my Dad would love this and I would if it were around 5 years ago, it would make life so much easier for me. There are so many important dates in the calendar where its good to fast that I miss, so simple things like that are always welcome. 2.5% of profits to charity is cool.

I always wished that I could go into a mobile shop and get my phone customised there and then, I choose an Android device and I tell the guy that I use it for music so he puts an equalizer and whatever music apps on it. I tell him that I'm Muslim and he puts the appropriate stuff on it and sets it up i.e. prayer schedule based on where I live and other things relating to which sect I'm in. Android users know that as soon as you get the device, go to the market and get an app killer and file manager etc. someone should do that for you in store in the way you want it.

Posted by Marly
We all know, that when you have a smartphone, there's an app for everything you need and for 1000 things you don't need aswell .
But this is no smartphone, so it doesn't support apps, it's a simple dual-sim phone and it probably won't be expensive, so this kind of customizing the software seems very practical to me, and giving 2,5% of the profits to poor and needy children is a very good idea.

I'm not a Muslim myself, but I think this phone could be very useful for people who don't want or need a smartphone, or simply can't afford one.

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