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ceproxy settings (globe only)

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Posted by raiselsith
Credits s tgaibang ibayo! Sna mk2long. =)
1. gawa muna ng
access point
Connection Name=ceproxy
Proxy Port number=529
2nd open ceproxy

Cancel nyo muna ung prompt @ (select access point)
Click option then select
(setting) and (connection)
Edit nyo mga sumusunod
na ganito Listen to port=529
Http proxy host
Http proxy port=0
Mms proxy host
Mms proxy port=8
Mms server Tunneling proxy
(host:port) Default
access point(ung gnwa m)

Local timeout (sec)
Online timeout (sec)
Shadow connection every (sec)
Buffer size (kb)
Then click option and select
save then click back Then click option select setting and tweaks
Edit nyo mga sumusunod ng ganito
Override port(s) for None Port(s) list (seperated by
Override above/ all port(s)
wi.. Min. Request = 0
Compress ram after each
tra... = Yes
Replace symbol (ori>repl)(se...
Url prefix = m.globe.com.ph/../(or any working free site
Url suffix (blank). Then click option then select save then ok n.

Posted by francel200
ano settings nito sa handler?

Posted by Physix
hmmm, nakadefault siguro ito. Anyways, thanks for sharing it here.

Posted by wapx
Matry nga thankz dito otor

Posted by francel200
palagay naman po nung files thanks

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