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MyPhoneExplorer problem.

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Posted by AlienAgiyi
I'm new to the forum, and to advancing my phone, so as you can guess I don't have experience on those problems...
All I want to do it transfer and store sms from my w200i to my pc. I've read some other topics, and i downloaded myphoneexplorer 1.8.1. The problem is that the program doesn't recognize my phone...
I looked into it and i read that se pc suite must be installed on my pc. I downloaded Sony Ericsson PC Suite 6.0 and followed all the instructions, but even the pc suite doesn't recognize my poor w200i :/
I really needed to clear my inbox folder on my phone, so I went to a mobile store to do that. It costs 10,5euros, so I felt like an idiot to pay so much for something it should be free...
Please help me! Thank you in advance.
(Don't know if that helps, but I'm running Windows 7 64bit, and as I said my phone is an w200i)
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Posted by tranced
Hello and welcome!

Is your phone set to Phone mode or Transfer mode?

Posted by AlienAgiyi
The instructions said to set my phone to phone mode.

Posted by tranced
Make sure what port your phone is using. How? Go to Device Manager, check the Ports (COM & LPT). Then, in MPE, select that same port.

Posted by AlienAgiyi
Thank you soooooo much I got it now
Thank you once again!

Posted by brandley55

I tried right clicking on it and run it as administrator (installation) but I have stopped working the same error in Vista. If I think of the progress of the installation seems to hang over every time comctl32.ocx

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