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A2, CodeClaw and Custom XML with Dead w995

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Posted by Cenobitez
I have a problem with the Sim Card reader on my phone. Without a sim the phone seems fine, starts, shuts down, alarms work ok, etc but with the sim it just says "Searching" where it normally says o2 or Vodafone etc. The Screen Randomly goes black, and comes back saying searching. I assume its a sim card reader problem or a software issue.

If I take it for repair they will flash it and its all lost anyway, so I'm working on a recovery plan.

The problem is a2 shows...

29/05/2011 16:26:11 [fsChMod] err:000A
29/05/2011 16:26:17 [fsFileDelete] can't send NET packet
29/05/2011 16:26:19 [fsChDir] can't send NET packet
29/05/2011 16:26:21 [fsListVolumes] can't send NET packet
29/05/2011 16:27:46 [a2_shutdown] can't send NET packet

Sometimes it shows an ACK error too, not sure why.

I do know I can't read the files directly due it to being CID53, so I can't do a straight to PC Copy. I also can't get the phone into Phone-Mode only Mass Storage Mode via USB.

Using A2 Uploader and CodeClaw I'm able to copy the phonebook.dbf and msg.dbf but the msg_int.dbf file is too big to copy into the CodeClaw folder so I need to delete some stuff. I assume the _int file contains all the pictures and media files, which I get ALOT so this file is like 12mb.

So my question is

This works, so can I create an xml file, with something like


To delete files.

Then zip it up and rename it to .bin.

Would that work to delete like 20mb of wayfinder or move the actual file thus not needing the extra space ?

Posted by Cenobitez
I also also wondering if its possibible to use the copy operation to copy to the memory card to solve that problem ?

Is the memory card the card\\ folder or is it lettered ?

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