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Xperia x10 and MicroSDHC

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Posted by feelthesting
is micro sd and MicroSDHC the same thing ?

also will a MicroSDHC 16 gigs work with my xperia x10 ?

thnx for ur concern
regards sam

Posted by Lightspeed_x
Hi feelthesting, micro sd and micro sd hc are the same.

The difference is the capacity, micro sd hc = micro sd High Capacity, those are cards with capacity > 4GB, while the ones labeled micro sd alone, are < 4GB.

I actually have a 16 GB MicroSDHC Class 4 in my X10, with no issues at all...

Hope it helps..
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Posted by feelthesting
really appreciate ur concern !

Posted by feelthesting
Hey and whats the deal with the "class" ,the one im buying is a class 2 , what does it mean ?

check it out :


Posted by SKIBBE
In simple terms, the card promis a lowest transferspeed while it's newly formated

class 2 = 2MB/s
class 4 = 4MB/s
and so on

Posted by patelharsh1
Hii, I am planning to buy a xperia x10. Also I am planning to buy a good SD Card for it. If I purchase the 32 GB Card Class 10, would it work on my xperia x10?

Posted by Flori
Yes, it will work.
I'm using a Patriot 32GB Class 10 in my X10 without problems.

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