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Connecting 2dvc 15" Pioneer Premiere CarSubs to Home-Hifi>8.2ch reciever

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Posted by mazola4_5
how do i connect 2dvc 1ohm to crown power-amp 1ohm~16ohm {1ohm at 8000watts, 2ohm at 4000watts, 4ohm at 2000watts & 8ohm at 1000watts. i use srs circle surround 8.2ch marantz reciever and use crown for lowpassed mono-output for subs. i want 1~2ohm load for crown amp ,how do i connect wires within subs?

Posted by anonymizer
try connecting each of the 2 subs voice coils in parallel.eg. The + of the 1st coil to the 2nds + the same goes for the - this way your amp should be ''seeing'' less resistance on the subs

Posted by mazola4_5
I get 130db at 60hz -72db/oct
96db at 50hz -48db/oct which is perfect.but for movies dts-surround 200hz -36db/oct outputs with clips and crackles.
I use audiophile crossover down to -96db/oct with crown poweramp 2ch 4000watts at 4ohms but accepts 1~16ohms.Please help.

Posted by sharpguy
dual 15" woofers indoors?!!!.....joe ur an audiophile 4sure, even Sony Mgongo doesn't stand a chance compared to your system. Check your subs freq. range, bcos I know carsubs frqs usually range 4rm 20hz-100hz so outputing 200hz at highlevels is the same as distorting & destroying them.
Try 2 cutoff 80hz @ -24db/oct that's what they use in cinemas & its best for movies & ur subs.

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