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Xperia Play Ps1 Emulator

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Posted by 10123
Okay so I was reading an article on mobile-review for the Xperia play and there was a link to to an emulator website.

It's called FPSE


Now, what I want to know is:
Is using an emulator legal? Afterall you have to pay for the PS1 Titles on the Android market yet they appear to be free on here.
How do you think this will affect the xperia play? as a device that's main selling point is the ability to run Play Station games.
And has anyone used this and how does it fair? More importantly do the controls work.

A video is on their website where the likes of Crash Bandicoot and Teckham are played using an Android phone.


I'm amazed that this available considering you pay a premium for the Playstation Certified logo on a handset.

I'm really intrigued and if this works fine on the Play then I'm definitely going to get one instead of the Arc.

Edit: Okay after further research it seems the FPSE works fine on the play!
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