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SanDisk 32GB microSDHC Card

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Posted by DarkKrypt
stick with class 2(or if you can find class 4(which is hard to find) - as nothing exists yet above this for 32gb sandisk micro sd cards.
with other brands im unsure but sandisk is the most reliable.

Posted by Toney_Ericsson

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Posted by jplacson
Hey Toney, class ratings for mem cards are based on minimum sustained speeds. A new empty card will be faster than an old card which has a lot of fragmented data. Smaller file transfers are much faster to copy than streaming media, much like how FireWire can still outperform USB 2.0 in sustained video/audio recording, despite USB 2.0 measuring faster file transfer/copy speeds.

Sandisk may build their cards to higher specs than the others, so their rating of class 2 may have burst speeds close to a class 10 but can't sustain it.

Class ratings are not verified by any independent group, it's essentially an honesty system based on a set of industry guidelines.

Posted by drgopoos
I have always purchased sandisk cards. They are expensive but very reliable.

However lexar is a very reliable one too and have read good reviews.

This time however i am going to get lexar 32gb class 10 . Had definite advantage when transferring large amount of files.

Posted by batesie
The bigger the card, the faster you'll want it to be when it comes to filling it up with files! I'd go for the Lexar, as it seems to be the only Class 10 available, and you still get a 5 year warranty.

Posted by mallaccra
if it's about speed you can always tweak your flash card to read and write faster...

Posted by batesie
34 for a 32Gb MicroSDHC - Only for the next 50 minutes:

Posted by masseur
nice one. thanks.

picked up two, one for my S2 and one for my son for his Play

Posted by skblakee

On 2011-05-10 20:32:28, mallaccra wrote:
if it's about speed you can always tweak your flash card to read and write faster...


Posted by masseur
got the 32GB cards today. can't believe they don't include an adaptor!

Posted by lazeeboy
Nice! Wonder what'll happen if I use that with my K850? Would it even be recognized?

Posted by masseur
It should be. the days of memory stick size compatibility are "hopefully" long gone. K850 supports microSDHC and that should include all capacities up to the maximum 32gb.

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