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FBT with data bundles?

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Posted by Salyani786
has anyone heard of it? I got the trick but havnt tried it..

Posted by Dabangg
data bundles? Dan how is it called fbt? Dont get u. Explain plz.

Posted by Speedbreaker
@salyani . . . . .pm me the trick, would like to test it.

Posted by Trevorian
Any1 tried that MTN R50 uncapped bundle,u get throttled at 150mb so its pretty shit,but maybe using a proxy or vpn could bypass throttling?

Posted by Gohan2
Well anything you figure out is there

Posted by voodowizzard

Intel Pentium 2,128mb ibm ram,foxconn mobo,nvidia 64mb graphics,white ibm flat tower,15"crt monitor
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