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Nearly Three Days and Nothing New In the Market Forum

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Posted by skblakee
Guys and gals it has been nearly or three days since the markets forum were updated.ie. phones for sale/wanted, accessories for sale/wanted and nothing new.

Are things slowing down that much? Today is Wednesday. Last updates were on Sunday or Monday and at this time the Blackberry for sale from Liam Welsh remains the first item.

Interesting don't you find?
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Posted by goldenface
Not sure why that is. I bought something from it a couple of weeks ago.

Posted by tranced
I think you can consider this thread: Almost impossible to sell phones on esato.

Posted by Marly
A few weeks ago, I've tried to buy a phone, even offered the BIN, but more and more UK-based sellers sell only within the UK.
Suppose we're missing Peter Kay here, he isn't gone though, but he usually had more items for sale and he was willing to ship worldwide.

Maybe the recession is a reason too, people think twice, before buying the latest and hottest phones, so it takes longer for the sellers to trade a phone on here.

Posted by skblakee
Thanks Tranced. I did read that topic when it came up but it seems to have slowed even more since then. I actually thought that things might have picked up with all the new and fancy phones out there.

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