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Esato members from 2001-2004?

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Posted by jellyellie
Hey guys

Just a quick one...

I was a regular here back in the days of 2002-2004, bluejacking/bluejackQ.com days, can't believe that's nearly ten years ago now - half my life.

Is anybody from that era still a member here? It'd be awesome to hear from people, or if anyone knows where they are these days. If only Facebook existed back then - we'd all still be in touch!

This place has such fond memories for me. Am so glad to see it going strong still.


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Posted by pavlov's_dog

Posted by masseur
je suis toujours ici!

Posted by tranced
This is not a regional thread. Please keep in english here

It's nice to see you around jellyellie.

I do keep in touch with old members but through somewhere else. I could tell them to come by.

Posted by goldenface

Posted by Rookwise
I remember you ellie although back then I was a newbie and my username was different (staz081277)

Posted by jack00
still around
but just occasionally

Posted by tranquil
Hey you! I still stumble in from time to time. Those were the days! You were quite a hit back then!

Posted by jj03
Ive been here since late 2001. Your username is familiar. Greetings...

Posted by burmistrz
same here, I'll always be around

Posted by scotsboyuk
I don't really visit any more, but hello anyway!

Posted by jcwhite_uk
I started in 2004 but amnot around here much as I have lost interest in mobiles a bit lately.

Posted by djpowelly
Wow, Jelliellie! Theres a blast from the past :wave:

Posted by Oogamous
Hello... Was a lurker from 2002 onwards before i took the plunge and joined in 2004... Have read a lot of the oldies posts here and yep - this forum was wayyy more fun then... also the most friendly... But now there's facebook.

Posted by whizkidd
Elo People. Remember me?

Posted by amawanqa
Still here...

Posted by OffLineR
Still here as well
I remember SMAN's app that helped bluejacking

Posted by goldenface

On 2011-03-23 21:55:00, whizkidd wrote:
Elo People. Remember me?

Never forgotten.

Just think, it will be ten years for some members this year.

Posted by malcs
I thought i'd stop by and say hi too, have some really good memories from this forum!!

Posted by mlife
Still here too and have been posting more lately than I ever did back in day.

Posted by bart
I visit every day, but i don't read that much.
The industry has become boring for some time now. Nothing really new that blows people away, SE has no more soul in their phones.
If i take a look back i also realize that the efforts of the fans boys was futile because SE management was and is just incompetent.
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Posted by captainsm
Hey guys,

Never visit anymore, important stuff takes my time these days.

SE is crap these days anyway.

Posted by Miss UK
Hey jelly I remember you

Posted by ofiaich
Hi everyone!

I am still here too!

Wow! Joined Nov 12, 2001!


Posted by Miss UK
this is turning out to be a graet re-union thread

Posted by Del
Hi all I'm still here to

Posted by bravofly
Still checking in once a day just to see what others have to say Joined Nov 21, 2002, so I guess Im a sorta addicted

Posted by EastCoastStar
I'm backkkk!
How's all the old members doing?
I see masseur is still here!
How about fatreg? Bobafett? Axxxr? Whizz?

Posted by EastCoastStar
Not so many oldies I guess?

Posted by Ranjith
I joined back in 2004

Was pretty active till i got my P1i around 2008 i guess.and then my use of mobile phones went down to bare minimum,just calling and texting.hence became very inactive in the world of Mobile Phones!im still using the P1i! but looks like i might finally upgrade soon and enter the world of Androids!

Posted by Caspa
Caspa reporting for duty...

Posted by EastCoastStar
You have been around for awhile now caspa! What phone are you using these days?

Posted by Jim
Omg you guys, I'm feeling so old right now. Good to see all those familiar names.

While I'm not a regular anymore I never found another website/forum/community to the level of Esato. It's especially nice to see that the forum hasn't changed and that the overall design/feel of the website hasn't changed much.

At the same time I learned the news about masseur. f**k this. I really regret that the "oldies" never actually met back in those days but I guess this is life ...

Posted by loonee
reporting back

Posted by Topscooby
Hey guys.

I joined back in 2004 and have some good memories of time spent buying and selling phones and generally enjoying the whole Esato experience.

Sadly, those days are long gone now. Then today I happened to venture back on this forum and found Masseurs thread. I am absolutely gutted and in total shock.

It is with a twist of fate that a dear old friend of mine died this week from a heart attack and now reading about Massuer has really affected me even more.

It was good to see some of the names that I remember from Esato back in the day....I hope you are all doing well and I wish you all the best for the future, whatever that brings!

I will never forget Esato


Posted by 50Cent
2003 here... some familiar names in this thread..

Posted by decoy7
decoy7 here to say hello, used to live on this place at one point, kind of glad to see it hasn't changed, evolved or been turned into something else, in a weird way it's like going back to a house you grew up in and finding everything just as it was, hats off to laffen!

Ps was sad to read about masseur, was such a giver from what I remember!
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Posted by AXXXR.
Hello everyone, Officially i shouldn't be here but had to pop in and say hello to old friends and some great memories.

Posted by drinki
Mostly lurking nowadays! Hello to all comrades!

Posted by goldenface
I'm seeing a lot of old posters returning, and not just to this thread.

Posted by DSF
Oh, hi.

Remember the days when I was lurking the forum with my r520m.
First wap forum and beside this a great resource of media content (wallpapers, ringtones, themes).

... Nice Times!

Now people are in a rush...

Posted by angryman
testing 1 2 3

Posted by dude_se
i still browse here sometimes.

used an se xperia u for a brief time but apart from that havent used one in years. have still kept my username all these years though, even though no one knows what the se means.

Posted by luwi
hello guys! im here since t68 days!

Posted by bart
Maby Esato should create its own phone, then it would revive Esato.

Posted by goldenface
My god, just realised it'll soon be my ten year anniversary. Is there a Ten Years at Esato thread?

Posted by mlife

On 2013-12-03 11:02:51, goldenface wrote:
My god, just realised it'll soon be my ten year anniversary. Is there a Ten Years at Esato thread?

If not, I'm guessing there soon will be

Posted by Supa_Fly

On 2013-12-03 11:02:51, goldenface wrote:
My god, just realised it'll soon be my ten year anniversary. Is there a Ten Years at Esato thread?

10 years? seriously been that long already? Wait I just passed that - Apr 16, 2002 anniversary thread is overdue Masseur! Good thread bump though (2011). Still good to see a few others around (originally I was something then Prom1, then Hardened, and now Supa_Fly like Curtis Mayfield).

Posted by Aivar
Greetings from Estonia!
I wish Ericsson would be with us...

Posted by ofiaich
I've been here quite a while too.

Don't post so much these days but have a good read and check every day!!

Happy Christmas to everyone!

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