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Vivaz screen issue

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Posted by awareesa
Well for the last 8 months my Vivaz is in my jeans pocket and somewhat pressurized..
Now, some cold weather (around 10 degrees celsius) and the screen has a little "shadow" at some point and that area is always being touched by a finger.
Only if I stretch the screen (strong hands!), the shadow goes off for a little while
And if the room temperature is higher then again the shadow goes away...

Any ideas/comments??

Posted by hihihans
You already gave the answer; stay home
Keep it in your coats inner-pocket, to keep it warm.

Posted by awareesa
I discussed it with a friend..
He says (and I think he is right) that some humidity entered the screen...

oops, I don't know what to do now

Posted by awareesa
Needs heat to recover.
When placed on an air heater (room heater; how these are called - fan coils I think), shadow goes off and works like charm. However, if more cold, then problematic behavior.
I need to send to service center and this will definitely mean that I will stay without a smartphone that is so useful now to me...

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Posted by eltoffer
im sorry to inform you, your digitizer is DYING and you will have to change it, this happened to me 4 times with my Satio, sorry man but it is not humidity, TRUST ME it is dying

this is what you need


as a proof im right i bet your digitizer is just like this

Posted by awareesa
Yep.. this is what I have...
1) how heat affects it?
2) can it be changed under warranty?

Thanks for the help

Posted by eltoffer
well it is basic physics, heat tends to deform bodies, since sony ericssonīs digitizer are mede from PLASTIC it is SO EASY to deform, WHAT THE f**k SE!!!!!!! why did you use the CHEAPEST material for such an important hardware WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

you said COLD deform it BUT in fact it was heat not cold, trust me

warranty??? mmm if you have it, go for it good luck

Posted by awareesa
Found this


Can I change it myself?

Posted by eltoffer
yes, but i dont know if you could change it, i did it on my satio but i do know how to

Posted by awareesa
Thanks for the help.

1) I bought a new Vivaz. My phone is the extension of my hand! I use it for so many uses so I don't have the comfort to wait 1 month to have my device fixed...
2) It took some hours to set everything up on my new device...
3) I will take it to SE center, it is only 8 months old and almost no wear at all. I will claim for warranty repair.
4) I will keep you posted!

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