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Surf web on C902 via PC's internet connection through bluetooth

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Posted by bios3bb

I have C902, ADSL connection, and a Bluetooth Dongle.

I want to surf the web on my opera mini via PC's internet connection (By the way, I don't have a Internet Connection thingy. My router is set to NAT configuration, so I have a "Local Area Connection" thingy and I can disable/enable it. So no passwords or connect button. The password is stored in my router. Sure you know what I mean...) through my Bluetooth Dongle. Not the opposite way which u use the cell phone as the modem. It's about a year I havn't found a solution to this issue. Please help me. And don't suggest the USB method, 'cos I wanna use my phone on bed!! Please give a step by step...

Thanks very much. please heeeeeelpppppp.....
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Posted by buntoo
I posted a tutorial "How to use pc internet connection on K850i via BT" here in esato. Search for it to get the answer. Sorry, i'm feeling sleepy so can't do it for you...

Posted by bios3bb
my problem is i dont have a DAMN "My Bluetooth Places" on my Win 7 x64, nor the XP SP3. and i don't think it would be as easy as it seems... it need some ip configuration and dns setting, the authentication. goddddddd. what should i do? i downloaded widcomm driver from it's site but it can not even detect my bluetooth dongle....

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