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Multitouch in vivaz

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Posted by babu20
hi friends...

i heard that multi touch is possible for Nokia 5800 and will it work for our Sony Ericsson Vivaz??

Source : http://store.ovi.com/content/52409?clickSource=shpe.ro

Posted by DarkKrypt
yerr it works that app - ipics but i think you need a hacked phone - vivaz isnt hacked..only satio and the other older s60v5,sorry..
or trying signing the app..could work.

Posted by babu20
@ DarkKrypt//

Dude, do you have the link to download ipics?? I am not able to download the same from ovi store

Posted by chadiwrx
^^ Here you go dude. I installed it on the Vivaz but it doesn't work.


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