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Sending a file via bluetooth not allowed?

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Posted by mr_lou
Can anyone tell me why I'm not allowed to send a plain MIDI file from my Vivaz Pro via bluetooth? It says "File is protected".
I tried sending the file from my PC to the phone. That went fine. Also copying to memory card went fine. But no matter how I put the file on the phone, I'm not allowed to send it along via bluetooth to another device.

Sending the exact same file to the girlfriends Elm, and sending it along from the Elm is no problem.

So why does my Vivaz Pro want me to throw it hard into the wall?

Posted by mr_lou
Y-browser will let me send files via bluetooth, but I'm still searching for a solution to send via MMS.

Posted by Lollylost100
Delete the extension, then you can send it. Or as you said, use Y-Browser.

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