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Need Torch Application for Vivaz

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Posted by babu20
Friends, I am not able to find the Torch Application for my vivaz, tried several versions but getting error "feature not supported" when opening them.

Any idea???

Posted by HxH
for SE phone it do not need any apps for torch AFAIK

easily open it on video mode turn light on but be caution it quite limit time and it will be automatic turn off, prevent this by keep touch on screen often might help some way.

I use same way in my SATIO and it worked well
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Posted by rmk152


This works on my Vivaz Pro.

Posted by babu20
@ rmk152.
Friend, getting "update error" while installing the software. Even sign the software and tried..

Is there any other solutions?? I had it work on my phone earlier. but it is not working now. i just formatted and reinstalled all the applications... except this torch everything is working fine...

@ HxH

I am using video camera as torch as i don't find the torch software as of now. but I am sincerely looking for Torch Application as the video modem consumes more battery power.

Posted by babu20
Hi rmk152

Thanks a lot dude.. i make it work with same software which you posted here.

I just uninstalled the old version and installed the same using your's. now got it work...

Credits goes to you.. Thanks again.....

Posted by rmk152
Happy to help where i can, glad you got it working in the end as i had no trouble with it.

Posted by vprxtrm
works excellent on vivaz. thanks

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