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Cancel my 3 days O2 Upgrade ?

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Posted by fluke9
Do you think O2 will let me cancel my upgrade I took out 3 days ago ???

Can't find any info on cooling off period type idea.

Any idea's peoples ???
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Posted by fluke9
Sorted I rang em and they said OK so I am getting me PAC code.

Posted by Rookwise
They dont tell you about the cooling off period but they are supposed to.
If you did your upgrade via an o2 store you will have a 14 day cooling off period. It will state this on the back of you new contract which you signed in store and were given a copy of.

If you did your upgrade via phone to the customer services number your not given a cooling off period nor do you sign your contract renewal as they basically extend your current contract.

However. What O2 are doing that they should be telling you about is if you want to stay on your current tariff and just want to upgrade your phone. They actually put you on their new version of your current tariff (eg. Old tariff for every mms message you sent it would cost 4 standard messages off your allowence. New version of the tariff now charges you 20p per mms and doesnt take them off your message allowence). What they also don't tell you is that unless you pay an additional 5 a month for a 500mb data & wifi bolt on you will be automatically charged at 1 a day for up to 1mb of data. If you go over 1mb it changes to 3 for every additional mb.

Only found this out after my cooling off period had finished as I upgraded via a store for the first time in 6 years and it was the most dreadful experience i've had with them.
In the end I reported them to offcom and I got the data,messaging and voice (voicemail and customer service is now chargable also) charges wiped off.

Posted by Bonovox
Cheeky sods O2 what happened to what the customer wants

Posted by fluke9
Yep once I read everything I had to leave it's a step backwards same money for less.

Just stuck on where to go giffgaff is still O2 and I really dont want to give anymore money.

3 has to be the way to go with a fiver extra (On top of the 20 I was paying) for all those minutes and not being royally shafted if you go over data allowance.

Posted by dizzybee
O2 don't care about keeping existing customers anymore. I told them that I was being offered a better deal with vodafone, their attempt at trying to match it was another one of their poor deals from the website, so I moved to vodafone.

3 offers the best deals but from what I've heard it's not the best service, worth a try on sim only I guess

Posted by fluke9
Well more than happy with my One Plan and the All You Can Eat Data.

Plus being able to tether to the laptop is good.

Posted by Ricky D
Does it say anywhere in your three contract about the tethered data and whether that counts in the all you can eat?

My mate is considering that deal with either:

iPhone4 for 35/month sell it and buy Arc


Arc for 40/month

both on 2 year deals all you can eat

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