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FS: AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphones

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Posted by themarques
Hey Guys

I have these babies brand new and very hard to find, they have only just been released and are available from very limited stores.

I own two of these and have a spare, completely boxed.

For those that know me, you will know I love headphones and spend quite a substantial amount on them. These been no exception. I always get two pairs as I live in two different locations so a bit OTT but hey I love music.

Ok on to these babies, The design is very minimalist but still a conversation starter. The powder black is the colour of choice for gadgets and cars for 2010-11.

On to the sound, let me ask you do you listen to your music with EQ settings on? If so then your headphones are of a poor quality and are having the music distorted to over compensate.

With these 40mm drivers, you will be blown away but the crisp bass and highs, The noise cancellation is also very good and does not use any batteries to power them, its just working on good old design of sealing out all ambient sound.

Also these do not leak any sound, so the person next to you is not going to hear a peep from these headphones.

I paid 180 for these but can honestly say, they are damn worth it. I also just purchased a pair of B&W P-5 but they have absolutely no door to sound reproduction on these.

Anyway enough said, if you want them they yours.

The box contains:
2 sets of earpads (Genuine Leather and Foam)
a carrying pouch
a booklet
a 1.7 meter cable
a 6.3 mm stereo plug converter.

TMA-1 Specs:
Transducer Principle: Dynamic, closed
Driver Unit Size: 40 mm
Impedance: 3215% Ohm
Load Rating: 0.1W
Frequency Response: 20 to 20.000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion:
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Posted by number1
How much do you want for them???

Posted by themarques
Spit me an offer and they might be yours...

Posted by themarques

Posted by number1

Posted by themarques
Thanks for that but been that I paid 180 I was looking close to that or just slight less, I am willing to take 150 on these at the lowest.

Posted by themarques

Posted by pparry
where are you based? I'm in London...will give you good offer, if I could collect. cheers.

Posted by themarques
I am in London and you can collect. What is your offer?

Posted by themarques
This has now been sold to Reginald (Head-Fi)

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