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Zylo original theme?

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Posted by dajumper
who can help me with the original themes? i delete them at my phone and don't want to flash again because my settings are perfect, if anybody can help me i'm very happy

Posted by tranced
Bonovox can help you here. He's got the Zylo lately.

Posted by dajumper
i ask allready but he won't help me

Posted by Bonovox
Mate it is not that I do not wish to help you but I cannot. I have no idea how to upload themes from the phone via email & I don't wanna give my email out. Also I do not know where to find on the net the original themes. Sorry I could not help mate

Posted by dajumper
i can help without give you email away

you connect your phone with usb cabel, then you have acces to themes folder, then you copy the themes to desktop, and set the themes in a rar or zip file, and then upload on zippyshare.com

that is all

Posted by Bonovox
Already tried that for some reason it won't do it

Posted by dajumper
never mind i wait till anybody can do it, sorry but if you can't even upload something

Posted by hihihans
Have you tried mobile9 ?
Edit. They usualy are free at playnow.
I always wondered why they did that as you already have those themes, but now I get it
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Posted by Bonovox
I typed into Google original Sony Ericsson Zylo themes & quite a few options pop up. Sorry I am not deliberately being unhelpful cos it's not me but whatever tranced told me to do I already tried it's not letting me do it

Posted by mriley
I searched for original zylo themes but couldnt find any, just themes compatible with it. I can guide you through it all if you want, to upload something

Posted by emporium

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Posted by mediar
Aren't Zylo's and Spiro's themes the same as Elm's and Hazel's?

Posted by dajumper
i have the themes allready

Posted by groovepeppy
If they aren't the same as Elm/Hazel's themes then can you be kind to share those themes?

Posted by rippi
Thats great for you daJumper. Can you post them please!

and no, they are not the same like in Elm and hazel.

Posted by rippi
Here are Zylo Themes with flash menu for 2.1 phones:
Zylo 2.1

Posted by groovepeppy
thank's a lot rippi

Posted by o-hell-o
Thanks! I especially like the Trace.thm. Never seen that before.

Posted by dany40
Hi.., anyone can share where i can download for free zylo theme?

btw, why in esato, there is no theme for latest sony ericsson phone?


Posted by groovepeppy
look for zylo's theme here, registration needed though...

Posted by vegetaleb
Can you upload the ringtones too please?

Posted by laffen
I have added support for Cedar, Elm, Hazel and Zylo themes in the themes section of Esato

Posted by groovepeppy
Thank's a lot laffen

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