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Esato's 9th anniversary!

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Posted by tranced
Hey this is another year for the forum. Our baby has now gone 9 and let's wish him a happy birthday!

Posted by masseur
I dunno but I believe the birthday is the 10th August,. you beat me to it as I have it in my calendar as an annual event.

but, it doesn't matter who is first ... it matters much more that we are still here after all this time, and after all this change in Sony Ericsson too!

Congrats to the forum and its members who make it what it is.


Posted by Bonovox
Happy Birthday ESATO Great to be part of the community

Posted by tranced
@masseur: I've always taken laffen's join date as reference. But now that thread's been created we won't argue about it, will we?

Wondering what will laffen come up with?

Posted by masseur
no argument here
creator join date vs announcement date, its not important.
we'll make a long weekend of celebration!

I wonder how many still ONLY access via WAP?

Posted by tranced
I agree with you there. No arguments

Greggy still visiting the site via WAP

Posted by Oogamous
hmm. Esato sure is a great place. Never let me down since the days of my trusty t610, through a whole lot of sony ericsson phones, to my current x10... I would not have been using my phones to their fullest potentials hadn't it been for the tips and knowledge gained from the esato community... Happy birthday!

Posted by Sky Hi
I hope you make it a hundred!!! Happy birthday!

Posted by hihihans
Happy birthday Laffen

Posted by ofiaich
Happy Birthday esato!!

These threads are interesting! here and here

I know they have been posted in many other threads but still interesting!

Here's to the next 9 years!


Posted by Bonovox
Yes I learnt loads of things here to do with Sony Ericsson

Laffen is 9

The first ever member had one post?

Posted by mriley
Yep happy 9th birthday to laffen and to esato

Posted by Marly
Congrats to laffen and the mods for creating a place to meet for (mostly) friendly and helpful people from all over the world.

Posted by obideo
Congrats to esato forum!!!

Posted by ceaser2008

Happy Birthday to ESATO

Happy birthday to dear ESATO and of course the creator 'laffen' for giving us the best forum in the world of sony ericsson.

This site has teach me a lot and i am still in the learning process. Of course, without ESATO, my K850i would be just a simple phone and many of its feature would be unused. But thanks to ESATO, i have made my K850i a wonderful phone to use. Whenever i am in trouble about phone, it has helped me a lot.

Besides all these, thanks ESATO for giving me the friends whom i would love to keep forever.

Thank you ESATO. Hope you go on for next 100 years to come.

Posted by daviep
happy birthday

Posted by goldenface
Very very happy birthday from me too. One of my favourite internet haunts and these years are flying by.

Posted by tobias84
Happy birthday esato! congrats!

Posted by brys182
3 cheers for many more years

happy birthday esato!

Posted by laffen
Happy birthday to you all!

We are celebrating yet another year by moving the Esato content over to a new machine. 15 times the storage capacity, 12 times more available bandwidth and "doubling the memory should be enough for everyone" for years to come. The old servers have been running for more than 60.000 hours 24/7 and would most likely say goodbye anytime soon if we didn't shut them down gracefully. I am working on the final server tweaks on the new machine and will let you know when the move is done.

Posted by Bonovox
Wow fantastic news exciting times for Esato

Posted by mlife

On 2010-08-07 19:01:46, masseur wrote:
I wonder how many still ONLY access via WAP?

You mean there is another way? LoL

Posted by ardian
happy bday

Posted by goldenface
I used esato wap on my T610 last week.

Posted by *Jojo*
Happy Happy 9th Aniversary - Esato ! This used to be my - PLAYGROUND

@Laffen - "Doubling the memory" you say time to POST mooore pics - again I guess

Congrats to everyJUAN ! Specially the: Moderators . . .

Posted by tranced
Thank you thank you Jojo !

@laffen: is there any chance of getting an anniversary Esato logo? Just like the 5th.

Posted by Jenova
happy birthday

Posted by *Jojo*
@Tranced - Congrats for doing a good-job here dude . . . masseur just knows who to - pick

Posted by ceaser2008
Wow laffen, thank you for the upgradesion before it get break down by itself. We will enjoy very speedy ESATO once the change over is done.

Thanks all moderators for making our life easy on ESATO.

Masseur, i am accessing ESATO all the time from my mobile via operamini.

Posted by Excalibur69
Better late than never....

Posted by Aivar
Birthday wishes from Estonia!

This message was posted from a WAP device

Posted by boy.in.PINK
Oh, great! I've missed it!

Well, a belated 9th anniversary to our dear site! And a happy natal day for all of us members. Upgrading? That's great news!

I'm using the mobile web version. I hope I may use WAP again though.

Posted by aldrinus
been away for too long... sorry to have missed this!

never too late to somehow post my congratulations to all of our hardworking moderators!
happy anniversary, Esato!

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