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Money to be donated to Pakistan Disaster Fund...FS: clip for shirt pocket, .

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Posted by ofiaich

I will donate all of the cash to the Pakistan Disaster Fund . BIN for these is 10.00 delivered.

Of course, if you want to bid more, please do.

I will scan and post here the receipt of money transferred to the Disaster Fund.

I think many people here will trust me on this

thanks for the corrections... yes, SHIRT POCKET but of course, will clip onto any pocket, even one with a special flap!.

Maybe one for masseur because I think, often your phone's live in a shirt pocket

Bought this in Japan! Clips onto shirt or jacket pocket, and then loop to phone, mp3 player, keys, etc...

Offers please in the thread...

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Posted by Rookwise
Er........think you really need to edit your title mate

Posted by shelly58
have i read that right???

Posted by ofiaich

fantastic spot, Rookwise..

Shelly too!

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Posted by Rookwise
I guess it would be a secure place to keep your phone but I'd really have to turn vibrate off and wear a headset

Posted by ofiaich
Yes, quite secure! Would not want to meet a pick pocket though!!

Back to the bidding! No interest from anyone?

Needs a good home after travelling so far!


Posted by masseur
ok, I feel I really should reply to a topic with my username in it!

um, ok, well... I have in the past bent over to close the toilet lid and a phone (think it was a T68) dropped out of my shirt pocket into the, um, yucky void and was a gonner, not least because I was in ni rush to stick my hand in there having spent 10 mins doing my thing (now there's an image for you all)

Since then I've always been wary of bending over any loo, but if you can tell me how to attach this to my iPhone 4 I'll make an offer

Posted by hihihans
Duct tape? Will fix your antenna too

Posted by ofiaich
Hi masseur!

I can ask a friend to send a 6 inch nail from Japan.

No interest? Could be used to secure keys, a small child, the list is endless!

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Posted by ofiaich

Posted by ofiaich


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