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C905 USB not working

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Posted by 03wheatleyc
Hi guys.

Slight technical problem with my C905 .

Having updated the phones firmware to R1FA035, it has developed some connectivity issues. Firstly, when I now connect the USB cable, the mode menu pops up, but then disappears and the phone does not connect in any way. In addition, I cannot turn on USB charging in the service settings, just says 'charging off' every time.
Also when I connect the phone using the 'C' button to boot, it just boots into mass storage mode...windows does not even pick up any hardware connected. Tried a number of cables on 3 different computers.

I have tried doing a master reset but no luck. I cant update the phones software to try fix the problem, as USB does not connect.

I tried phoning SE, but they just told me to send it off for a fee...and no guaranteed results.

So now I am out of ideas an need some help.

Any replies will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by tranced

Did you try to clean the fast port?

Posted by 03wheatleyc
Thanks for the reply, yeah I have cleaned the fast port. The mains charger and headphones have no problems connecting through it. I am thinking it could be a hardware fault with the fast port? Maybe one of the terminals that the USB cable uses is damaged inside...

Other than that it must be a faulty firmware
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Posted by ScottMallue
That is easy! Come to my place and learn!

Posted by Unbiased
Sony C905 or C905a - Connection to your computer by USB using the USB data cable - Try the following, it worked for me:

Go to menu/
Scroll down to settings and hit enter
Do you see the small icons across the top of this screen?
With the scroll button - scroll to the right until you have come to the last one labeled "Connectivity"
Hit enter and scroll down to "USB"
Hit enter and scroll down to USB Default mode.
Hit enter and scroll down to media transfer.
Hit enter to activate the "button" and the media transfer.

Get out with these new settings

Your new phone settings should take effect.

Attach your USB cable from the phone to the computer - You should now get a handshake and a connection to transfer your files via the cable.

Posted by 03wheatleyc
You do realise this thread is almost two years old now right?

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