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What was the reason that you choose your nickname?

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Posted by Enci1983
I choose my nick because my name is Enci and I was born in 1983. How about you?

Posted by ceaser2008
Caesar - Roman Emperor.

The word caesar is always facineting to me. But it was already registered so i jumble the spelling to ceaser and it was year 2008 when i signed in so its 'ceaser2008'.
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Posted by Bonovox

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Posted by Cyborg_a0
cyborg azero

asero is a tv show here in philippines, and Asero is a cyborg

Posted by amawanqa
Ummm... :


Posted by ceaser2008

Wow you have posted that back in dec'05 almost 4 years back and still you managed to find that. Wow what a memory you've got.

Posted by Enci1983
What a memory Bonovox yeah. I think all of us have some kinda reason for our nickname. Bands, singers, actors or just something good sounding name like flash or speed

Posted by m1l4d
Well it's my real name:

Posted by phonecrzy
im crazy about phones, so im phonecrzy

but my real name is Ketan Mandalia. (pronounced Ket-un Man-day-lea)
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Posted by Miss UK
Esato is a International forum,
so thus decided MISS UK to get the signal across im a woman too and in the UK

Posted by Lightspeed_x
Well, I love car racing, and i couldnt think in anything faster than the speed of light

My real name is Manuel.-

Posted by Bonovox
Thought I would retype this. Bono is my idol from U2. His real name is Paul Hewson but he got his stage name from a shop in Dublin called Bonavox. But he changed his stage name from that & shortened it to Bono. But I changed one letter to Bonovox
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Posted by Tsepz_GP
My real name is Tsepo and i live in the Gauteng Province in South Africa, my friends call me Tseps/Tsepz so figured Tsepz_GP would be good.

Posted by julias

On 2010-06-05 09:09:22, ceaser2008 wrote:
Caesar - Roman Emperor.

Same here

Posted by ceaser2008
Julius Caesar

Posted by reeflotz
didn't know this thread existed

Years ago when I was playing a game on my gameboy advance, there was this game titled, Sword of Mana, there was one quest in the game where your character will have to give leaflets around the village to complete it, then when I gave one of the old villager a leaflet, he said "reeflotz?.... oh! leaflets" the villager said that his hearing was not what it used to be anymore because he was getting old.

been using reeflotz as my internet name in various forums and accounts

Posted by Nanu
This thread has existed for years here………

On 2010-10-05 06:36:23, reeflotz wrote:
didn't know this thread existed

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