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C903 firmware/language Needed!

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Posted by christ1996
I have a SonyEricsson C903 . I debranded it before, and before I debranded it , it have Chinese language. After I debranded it, my Chinese langauge gone!
Now I need a chinese firmware of R1GA028 which have Chinese Language.
Before I debranded it, the firmware is R1GA028, so it's the same!
My custpack is Apac-Anz and chinese is available.
Now I just need a firmware that have chinese or just help me to look for zs.ing and zs.t9 . Please reply me as soon as possible!

Posted by christ1996
Anyone there can help me for the firmware files which have chinese language ? OR also lead me a link to download the firmware ?
If not , can anyone lead me a link for the chinese language zs.lng and zs.t9? HELP HELP!!!

Posted by DivineJakiro
i have before, but now dunno where is it >< sorry

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