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XP, Win2K, Broadcom bluetooth, Heeelp!!!

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Posted by iyiinsan
I bought 3 month ago a bluetooth device from hepsiburada.com (a Turkish site) and it worked on my pc very good. I was able to install it on my win 2000 and it woked OK. Now, I am doing the same stuff I did on my 2000 to my XP prof. but it doesn't work... They seem to realise that they are there but no connection can be done. The blue led on my 68i beeps like three times for one green led, which shows a connection is done but the green light on my bluetooth device, which shows the link doesn't light up. But when I go to Security or services, the name of my phone, the model etc. can be seen. I think I'm using widcom drivers cause it says so in the Add/Remove Programs... I really need help. Thanks in Advance.

PS: I searched and looked up at the sticky posts in the Technical part but I couldn't find an answer...

Now, when I'm trying to pair, Error in pairing with device T68i.
Reason: Pairing request is rejected by the device.

But it doesn't even give a message (it did give when I was using Win2K) to my phone for a request of pairing...

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