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HPM-77 phones dead.

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Posted by ranzon
Plugged my HPM-77 to my phone and was going to enjoy some sweet music, but only the right plug in my ears seems to work, left worked fine yesterday but for some reason its dead now..the fastport itself is in good condition..

So, checked how much a new headset will cost, no big deal..

35 god damn euros for a new set of HPM-77.
I mean, this is how SE finance their living right?
what to do? such a exorbitant price for something that cost zero and nothing to manufacture..
thanks for the fastport, really makes things easier.
carry a few meters of cable in your pocket.
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Posted by semo
I would buy a new set from the online sellers.
The HPM-77 and HPM-70 are very cheap at the moment, probably because of the change of plug in new SE phones.
I checked at the german amazon shops recently, price starting from 4 euro.
Similar on the uk one, price starting ~5 pounds.
If you decide to buy online check the shipment rates.
You should be able to get it for ~ 10 euro, all in.

Posted by pt020

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