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Globe Telecom APN settings for x10

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Posted by bimmerboi
Hi, anyone here on Globe Telecom (in the Philippines) using the x10? Can you please post your APN settings. I cant seem to find the correct APN settings for the internet to work.

Posted by orbitech
Hi bimmerboi... try this out. Settings -> Wireless Controls -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names -> MENU -> New APN...
Create any name for this new APN. Under APN type: internet.globe.com.ph . Username: globe . Password: globe . You can leave all the other field blank.

Had my phone for over a month before I finally figured this out... Works for me good now, hope it helps.

Posted by bimmerboi
thanks for the reply bro. i still cant get it to work.. are you prepaid or postpaid? I believe there are different settings between the two

Posted by rockydanger6
How to configure your phone for the "Internet APN'? You could always call Globe Hotline (211 on your cell or 730-1000) and ask the 'Mobile Helpdesk' for the configuration. Alternatively, as GOwin suggested, you could search for it here in Esato.

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Posted by Anoik
Try here.


Posted by EdenAquis
Hey buddy,
I have no idea about it,So,I would like to suggest you that,you should search online for better results!!!

Good luck....

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