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K800i joystick dead after it got into water!

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Posted by remy.flex
Hellow everyone its been a while and my phone died literally after it got into water! I managed to revive it but the joystick died because it was covered with water reactions around its hardware area! I wanted to throw it away but i discovered i could nevigate using numbers when am using ucweb application and some! The issue is on trying to change themes,settings in internet! I was wondering if there is a short cut to internet settings and others or even a patch to nevigate using volume and camera top buttons! So far i have only seen a patch to adjust brightness using volume up and down...any luck or shud i just throw it away! PLEASE HELP! Thanx in return!

Posted by hihihans
True, you can use keys for almost everything. 1 for top, 4 for fourth in row.
Did you try contact-spray?

Posted by remy.flex
hey dude sorry for late reply did not receive email notification thanks but numbers only work in applications any patches?

Posted by gayannr
Why Don't you replace the dead Joystick ? Wouldn't cost you much

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