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Tapatalk Support?

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Posted by saltorio
Not sure what forum software Esato is using, but was wondering if it's be possible to add Tapatalk (http://www.tapatalk.com/) support to these forums.

Tapatalk supports iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia systems, and make it easy to browse and post to forums on those mobile devices. Would be perfect for a mobile-centric forum like this.

Posted by phonecrzy
Oh yes thats very nice

Posted by alexslane
yeah tapa talk would be great started to use this whilst i had my hero found it very easy to use.
I use this site all the time so support for that app would be great

Posted by fbloise
Also specially for image uploads...

phones without flash cant upload files, that means 89% of the phones out there.

Posted by jj03
agreed. theres already a thread about tapatalk here somewhere. not heard anything so i presume it isn't going to happen. i may contact laffen and ask anyway.

Posted by tranced
Basically is this very same thread: http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=197550

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