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Windows ScreenSaver 2

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Posted by mediar
Windows ScreenSaver 2 - released on 24 April 2010!

Windows Screensaver 2 is the second version of the animation, that recreates the default screensaver of Windows. There are a lot of improvements over the previous version, and again it's divided into two editions - Vista and Seven. I used Adobe Flash CS4, which means it's a flash animation and runs only on phones with 320x240 screens and Flash Lite 2.0 support ( or higher ). You can download it free from this site! Here is the link for download:


As I wrote in the previous release, phones with screens, that are smaller than 320x240, aren't supported by me any more. So if your phone doesn't cover the needed requirements, you can use the previous version ( download it from here ). This one is tested on following models: W910, W890 and C902. Here is the change log and the key features:

- The play time isn't limited anymore to 11sec, instead of that it's unlimited;
- A few more positions of the logo added, so that the whole screen is filled;
- The logo appears randomly, instead in a fixed order, such as a movie clip;
- Fade in and fade out effects of the logo are added, just like the one in Vista;
- It is true imitation of Windows Vista's and Seven's original screensavers;
- The used images are very high quality, no compression is added;
- For truly transformation, use the Xtero Theme as a default theme.

For bugs or questions write here or in my forum. Decompiling and editing the swf file without my permission is absolutely forbidden. The latest official version is Windows ScreenSaver V2 build 14. More: Theme. The file hosting is supported by MediaFire and 4Shared.
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