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CD DVD driver missing Windows 7 During Installation

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Posted by Shumayal
I had a serious problem that is stopping me from installing it. Any Solutions will be greatly welcomed. Please can I get a guide in simple steps.
I get the following CD/DVD error that drivers are missing and I need to locate them.

Strange error since it is reading off the disc, and since it is booting off the DVD.

Any Solutions ?
My specifications

MODEL - Vista Home Premium (32 bit) SP2 Currently Installed & Windows XP (32bit) SP3 (DUAL BOOT)
PROCESSOR - INTEL (R) CORE (TM) 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHZ 2.40GHZ
MEMORY (RAM) - 2.00 GB
SYSTEM TYPE - 32-bit Operating System

Please get me a solution

Thank you
Ahmad Shumayal

Posted by fbloise
Could be that your DVD drive is other than letter D:
most of the installation program use that letter in their programming. May be you have 2 hard drives (one C: and one D:) making the DVD drive use the letter E:

Posted by Shumayal
I don't think so that is the problem..
I googled for it and i see the solution is something like IDE emultaion and AHCI & SATA etc.. i am a newbie.. I dont understand it
Please can you google "windows 7 cd dvd driver missing" you get many results and there are solutions ! but i can't understand them. Please can anyone simplify and tell me? Its complicated

Posted by obideo
Hello, U Can get the IDE emultaion accesing to the BIOS.

What's the model of your computer?, with this we can get the method to accesing BIOS.

Posted by Shumayal
the model is TM VL 2640
(touchmate velocity)

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