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Do they really send you a text when you nearly use up your allowance?

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Posted by lukechris
Hi all,
I pay for 500mb data allowance a month, and I can only see how much I've used when by bill is made. Look at what I used this month:

Not got a clue how I've used all that, but I'm ready and set to find out lol. So like the title of the thread says, if they really do send you a text when you've nearly used up your allowance, then when does it come? I'm so glad that I don't use a BlackBerry plan, or at 50p a mb, I'd have a very expensive bill.

Any comments would be good, and I'll be ringing vodafone to see where I've used it and what the limit is before they tell us.

Posted by Bonovox
I know O2 do send a text but when i was with them i did once go over the allowance but i never received a warning text my credit just vanished. Not sure of other networks policies but normal usage you would probably get text message telling you that you have used all your allowance to be careful. I do know networks either contact you or warn you for excessive usage or they cap your speeds. The problem with checking your usage online with your bill is its always a few days behind.

Posted by number1
3 UK, always send me a text, when ive over used or am coming to the end of my add-on.

Posted by imazz
I am on vodafone and you can see a breakdown of your usage and the days you used it. you have to choose the download csv file option. you can see the unbilled usage the same way but it is always days behind, even worse than when i was on o2!

Posted by lukechris
Ahh cheers

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