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vodafone song

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Posted by dsque
does anyone know who does the song on the vodafone heroes 360 website?
here is a link http://heroes.vodafone360.com/#/uk.
its the dancy song playing in the background.
Its infectious...please help

Posted by sillymillie1
This is the myspace page for the artist (jack tatum). The song is called, "Vultures like Lovers," remix, heres the link: http://www.myspace.com/wildnothing. Hope this helps!! Hes my cousin by the way:)!

Posted by dsque
Thanks sillymillie1,
I checked out the myspace and love
his other songs too
I bought the vultures song on itunes,
it was released on my b-day. how awesome.
will he be touring soon?
i am so happy you found my post... could not get that tune
out of my head! yays

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