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How is it possible? HPM-82

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Posted by Gekon
I bought SonyEricsson handsfree HPM-82. I have problem with radio reception so I am afraiding that it`s a counterfeit. In comparison to my HPM-60 I`m able tune in only 7 stations,
on the other hand there is no problem tune in more than 20 stations with my HPM-60. Further radio sound is interrupted by bleeping, I think it produce remote control.
I will be very pleased if You answer me next questions:
1. I`m not able display firmware and serial number of handsfree in menu Settings->Connecting->Accessories->HPM-82 (look at http://yfrog.com/2ozobrazeniinfoj ). Other HPM-82 (from my friend) is able to display it as you can see at the picture. How is it possible?
2. There are fixed all pins at FastPort. I heard that original haven`t fixed all pins. Is it right?
Than You very much for your help

Posted by alexlt
Sorry, they are not original! I had one with the same radio problem and then I compared with the original and mine were fake. Try returning them ASAP

Posted by pt020

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Posted by alexlt

On 2010-02-18 07:27:31, pt020 wrote:
... and on some phones (P1i) I even can turn the radio on/off (by pushing in the play/pause for few seconds) or next station and back.

Even with fakes ones you can do this ... They really look like original, only way to tell it's with the radio problem and software not displaying. The finish on it is also worse, numbers behind the controls tend to erase by itself.

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