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Vodafone suspends employee after obscene tweet

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Posted by Mr Miyagi
tut tut vodafone:
Vodafone has been forced to issue a grovelling apology to its thousands of followers on Twitter after one of its customer service staff broadcast an obscene message on the micro-blogging service
The message appeared on Vodafone's official Twitter account, which is used by the company to deal with customer complaints. Instead of the usual helpful hints on how to make the most of its range of handsets or direct responses to individual customer service queries, VodafoneUK's 8,824 followers were treated this afternoon to a message reading "VodafoneUK is fed up of dirty homo's and is going after beaver"


Posted by Sammy_boy
And what's nearly as bad is that gross misuse of an apostrophe in 'homo's'! Makes you wonder at the mentality of whoever sent that tweet - did they think that sending something like that would go by unnoticed and that they wouldn't get caught?

I know, I'm a grammar Nazi!

Posted by Miss UK

Posted by Bonovox
Lol my mom always used to say that word strewth. What an idiot though you should know you don't get away with that working for a phone company

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