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C905 Screen Problem

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Posted by mattsporter
Hi there i wonder if someone could help me please.

I have a Sony Ericsson C905 phone which i find a nice phone, the only problem is this, http://i905.photobucket.com/albums/ac252/mattsporter/DSC00003.jpg which happened to other day so i ordered a new LCD display off Ebay.
It came today and i re-fitted it but it is still like this which tells me this is not a hardware problem can someone shed some light on this please as i'm eager to get this phone working again.

Thank you.

Posted by anuradhax3
i also have this problem!
is this happen when you presss keys??

Posted by Rookwise
Main flex ribbon. You've got a communication problem between the 2 boards. Sometimes you can just get away with removing and reconnecting the ends of the ribbon (which you would have done anyway when you replaced the screen) but most common is to completely replace the ribbon. Doesn't cost much for the part either.

Posted by Skylow
It can be software problems.
Something like that happened in my old SE K800i.
Only put one firmware again and it geets ok...

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