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BULK CProxy Account Generator - another original!

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Posted by benlits
For the fans of CProxy service out there, here is another treat for you. MobiPhreak now has a very unique service called BULK CProxy Account Generator!


You can now make hundreds of trial accounts in one click! No need for email sign-ups because the system automatically creates them for you. I coded this for roughly more than a day (stared Jan 15) and furnished everything up so even our forum guests can enjoy this fascinating tool. You can make accounts whenever you want, no limit.

How do we limit accounts per user? This is a post count based formula:
No. of accounts that can be made at once = (Post count / 25) +1

The +1 is a bonus for everyone especially guests

This can be freely shared as it is now unrestricted to members only Spread the good news!

(Please do not abuse it, we offer it for free so please be considerate)

Posted by litemint
wow, sadly I dont have a PC.

Posted by The_026
Hehe... Hmmf.... Astig ata toh ah.. Parehax b ng cproxy settings to.?

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