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(ask) How to delete fixed shortcut in activity menu

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Posted by groovepeppy
i have track id and playnow in the activity menu
i really want this to be deleted since it was doing anything good for me
can someone please tell me how?
thank's in advance

Posted by hihihans
If you can't remove them, maybe you can push them lower in line.

Posted by groovepeppy
Hi hihihans
Nice meeting you again!
By the way, happy new year!
Back to topic, no can do mate, even the move option are greyed.
There is a customize upgrade i used once but it moves the main menu shortcut to the running apps tab and i don't really like it.
Wondering if i can delete it through the fs maybe?

Posted by hihihans
Thanks, same to you.
If you flash it you'll have all options available again.
Remember to back up first

Posted by groovepeppy
i don't want to flash it again since i already did something to keep the 3g only options that only available in branded firmware of db3200
i asked in other forums too with no answer at all
i guess i have to learn to live with it then
thank's for responding to my problem hihihans

Posted by hihihans
You're welcome but the option shouldn't be greyed out.

Posted by groovepeppy
Ye, it shouldn't be greyed out but in my case it was worst, there's no option at all.

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