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recover sms

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Posted by gary955
I have recently replaced my computer and have installed the hard drive of my old computer as a slave, in the new one
I would like to recover my old sms messages stored in Floats mobile Agent on the old drive.
I can open FMA on the old drive but all archives appear to be empty!
I have found the archive files on the drive, in Documents and settings/application data/ FMA/k300series/DAT.
All the files I want seem to be there but I am unable to view them as the file extension is dat and I dont know which program to use.
The contacts file will open in wordpad and excel and is readable in either, but although the SMS archive will open with these programs, all I see is a list of phone numbers followed by a random script of letters and numbers!

Posted by StevenC
Copy them to C:\\Documents and settings\\application data\\FMA\\K300series\\dat
When you open FMA they will be there...

Posted by gary955
Fantastic! it worked a treat. Thanks very much

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